NHS missed appointments are costing over £1b a year, how do we start reducing this waste?

It’s amazing to think that missed appointments can cost this much, but when you consider on average over 50,000 people miss appointments each day, it’s slightly easier to understand where this colossal figure comes from.

Think of the savings that could be made by getting just 1 in 4 patients to their appointment in time and how this would reduce waiting times – it’s mind blowing!

It has been reported that patients are missing appointments for various reasons, in general they boil down to one of the following – being forgetful, being lazy, no longer requiring the service and not cancelling or getting lost.

Obviously it’s difficult to do much about the “human” factor but one thing your organisation can improve is how people navigate to and from their appointments. By reviewing your wayfinding provision you could reduce the number of appointments missed due to people getting lost or arriving late because they hadn’t realised how long the journey would take.

It’s important to remember that wayfinding isn’t just about signs; a good wayfinding strategy considers the following:

  • Pre-visit Information
  • Transport links
  • Heads-up mapping
  • Arrival planning
  • Journey times
  • Signage
  • Exit strategy

If you are thinking of ways to reduce costs within your organisation, a wayfinding strategy review is a relatively quick win, so it might be a good place to start.

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