lighting up your way

With winter coming and the onset of shorter days and poor visibility throughout the season, why not look at your current signage set-up? Ensuring walkways, car parks and signage are well illuminated it will ease navigation and ensure safer transit on slippery surfaces for pedestrians walking around your site.

Upgrade Your Old Lighting Systems

Do you want your outdoor signs to permeate bright through the overcast skies of winter? Then retrofitting your old fluorescent signs to LED’s represents an enticing option for your business.

In addition to consistently brighter illumination, LEDs are more efficient, cheaper and involve little maintenance. This can prove important during the cold winter months.

Adjust Your Signage Lighting to Accommodate Shorter Days

As sunlight becomes scarce throughout the winter months, you should consider adapting your outdoor lighting system to come on earlier to provide sufficient illumination throughout the long winter evenings.

With modern signage technology, you can easily install an adjustable timer system or light sensor, giving you the flexibility to control when your illuminated sign turns on, depending on the time of year.

Winter will be here soon and by undertaking the necessary measures to maintain your premises visibility, you can ensure revenue flow remains constant for your business or that students, patients and visitors can easily and more safely navigate your premises in the cold wintry months ahead.

Model supplies a wide range of illuminated signage, including illuminated architectural lettering and built up logos, lightboxes, uplighters and trough lighting.