Make the most of internal and external spaces

Environmental graphics are a great way to enliven internal and external spaces and push your brand and core messages in a really cost effective way.

Here’s a few tips and ideas that are definitely worth considering.

Window Manifestations

Example of a Window Manifestation
With the modern trend towards large expanses of glazing, manifestations provide a great opportunity to really show-case your branding to the outside world. By using products such as digitally printed perforated window vinyl, you can cover large spaces whilst maintaining a good level of light transition into the building.

Internal Walls

Most buildings have large expanses of white space just crying out to be used for a whole host of graphics such as:


Example of Wordall
Creating interesting graphics using words is an effective way to fill space on a wall whilst conveying a relevant message. They are often used in spaces where people are likely to be sitting for a period of time, so they can actually read the words and take some inspiration from them.

environmental graphics

Example of Environmental Graphics
Large format printed graphics used to cover large wall spaces are a great way of quickly changing the look and feel of a space. Different images and colours will evoke different feelings and emotions. Bright colours can help to create energy and inspiration, whereas cooler colours can create a calm relaxing atmosphere.

colour coding

Environmental graphics are also very effective when used in line with a colour coding scheme. For example if you have different colours for different areas of the building such as zones or floor highlighting.

digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way of introducing interaction and movement in your building. Content can be changed to deliver timely relevant messages. Videos and slide shows can be shown to display visually stimulating content. Touch screen technology can also be used to create an interactive experience for your visitors.
Digital signage is also a great way to keep people entertained if they are required to wait for any period of time.


Example of Banners
Often used as a temporary advertising aid for events, banners tend to get overlooked as a more permanent solution but they can be used in other ways. If your building has areas with high ceilings, such as an atrium, you might consider suspended fabric banners – they are lightweight and have real impact.


If you are having building works undertaken, you will probably have safety hoardings around the site. Hoardings can provide the perfect canvas to advertise your services and inform people about the new development for you organisation.