mödel Signs School Signage Guide: Create a great first impression!

Are you thinking about getting your School’s signage updated? We have worked with a number of School’s to improve their image and wayfinding by installing professional signage. Using this experience we have compiled a guide to help point you in the right direction, inspire you and make your decision making process easier.

Here are 3 considerations when reviewing your schools signage:

  1. Entrances: Keep it simple by displaying the school name, logo, telephone number and web address. If you have more than one entrance to the school, you might want to add this as well e.g. “Park Road Entrance” or “Student Entrance”.
  1. Wayfinding: Don’t try and list every department, your signs will end up looking cluttered and confusing! Try and think about the journey and how people navigate your space, it’s always a good idea to consult with reception staff as they are always having to advice people on the best route to follow.
  1. Facilities: We are not talking about toilets, although obviously these would make up part of the content of a sign. Signage is a great way to highlight all of the great facilities your school has to offer without needing to point it out, prospective parents and visitor are going to visit every part of your site, but knowing you have a library or a great sports facility will certainly help to impress them.

Read the full guide to Schools Signage

These are just a few points from our guide where we have tried to document our years of experience of working with Education Institutions at all levels.

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