Think beyond wayfinding

Signage should not just be used to direct people to the right place, but to communicate interesting and perhaps motivational messages to your students and visitors. Are you making the most of signage as a channel to communicate to your students? Is now the right time to review your existing signage solutions?

Developing your signage solutions should be a fun and creative process. We have compiled our top tips for thinking beyond wayfinding.

Motivational Messages

Using signage to communicate motivational messages can have a big impact on your students. Sometimes even sub-consciously the messages will be having a positive effect. There are certain words that conjure up motivational thoughts, such as strive, reach, goal, aim, high, achieve, success, focus, potential, confidence and try. Other creative ideas we have seen work well include quotes relating to learning and education or facts and figures relating to the relevant subject matter.

Organisational Messages

Other messages such as your organisations vision and mission statements are important pieces of information to communicate with students, teachers and visitors. What better way than to have your key statements in large print for everyone to see.

One point to note here is that less is more. You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention; therefore it’s important to keep your messaging short, clear and to the point. Too many words can be distracting on the eye.


Colours are an important consideration when designing your signage. The first consideration will be to ensure that your signage is in line with your branding. Secondly and just as importantly, think about the feelings you want to evoke through the colours chosen. Red is considered to encourage productivity, yellow – optimism and blue is said to be calming and encourage focus. The range of colours and shades is vast; spend some time thinking about the behaviours you want to encourage and those you want to discourage when beginning the design process.

Size of lettering

Big, bold fonts can make a big impact, but only in the right space. The bigger the lettering the further away you need to stand to be able to read it in full. Use extra-large lettering in big rooms and halls and smaller lettering in smaller classrooms and corridors.

Digital signage

Not all signage needs to be static. By using digital signage systems you can regularly change the message that is displayed, keeping it fresh and relevant. Messages can be changed and updated instantly to deliver perhaps a ‘quote of the day’.  Or messages can be changed to give real-time information, such as room changes, events taking place, extra-curricular activities or fundraising initiatives.

With digital you can also use interactive content with touch-screen technology, such as interactive maps, lunch menus and timetables. You can even take this one step further and create a digital app that your students can download so they can see and interact with your content no matter where they are. The possibilities are endless.


Incorporating lighting into your signage can show innovation and creativity, as well as making your signs more readable. With lighting, the possibilities are endless – different colours, shades, intensity, and reach. Using affective lighting can really show your students and prospective students that you are a forward-thinking establishment striving to stand above the rest. And with improved LED technology lighting can not only be cost effective but also low maintenance.

Is now the right time to review your existing signage solutions? Get in touch to find out we could help.