what is brand consistency, and why does it matter for organisations signage?

No matter how big or small your organisation is or what the function of your organisation is; you will benefit from developing and maintaining a recognisable brand.

A brand refers to a collection of linked attributes, including things such as your core values, your unique selling points and your goods and services.

Effectively conveying this varied set of attributes depends on you actively demonstrating and reflecting your brand values in everything that you do, from your advertising through to your user/visitor experience. This gives your organisation an identity.

Brand consistency’ is a phrase used to describe the process of ensuring that your branding activities remain unified and consistent throughout. It builds customer confidence by reinforcing the benefits and advantages your organisation has to offer.

Creating brand consistency extends to your signage too. Your organisation signs should be the physical representation of what your brand says to your customers.

Why is this kind of consistency important?

When you consider some of the most famous organisations or establishments, all will use particular selected fonts, colour schemes, and appropriate symbolism. Simply seeing their logo or hearing their name immediately brings a particular set of associations to mind. Brands are able to build a level of trust from their users; you are reminded of the trust and associated values every time you see their logo, colour scheme etc.

Any deviation from brand consistency, no matter how small, can create confusion in the minds of your users. At best, it implies sloppiness. At worst, it conveys the impression that you don’t understand your organisation.

Organisation signage is a major part of your efforts to achieve consistency. From the logo, to the font, to the colour, every element must be aligned across the board.

To help make that happen, document your signage requirements just as you would any other part of your organisation plan. Be as specific as possible so no aspect is left open to individual interpretation. Any changes should be immediately communicated throughout your organization and updated on your brand guidelines.

You should also consider having all changes to your organisation signage done by the same group of people, or at least having them supervised by the same employee. If you constantly need to explain the materials, finishes, standards and procedures to new suppliers or workers, it increases the likelihood that mistakes will occur.

The Internet and growth of social media notwithstanding, it’s still likely that your signage will be the first impression a potential customer has of your organisation — so consistency is important. But the process of ensuring brand consistency can be tricky.

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